Computer Vision Development

Deep Learning based Computer Vision solutions for your business

  • 01

    Pose estimation

  • 02

    Hand pose estimation

  • 03

    Face embedding

  • 04

    Logo Detection

  • 05

    Car Make/Model recognition

The algorithm recognizes hand gestures in a video stream by analyzing trajectory of a hand.

Color test

The model finds points of the human body and the app triggers content when coordinates of a hand and buttons on the screen match. The user interacts with app directly through a webcam in motion.


The model recognizes make and model of a car by a photo. The model was trained in Keras and deployed to be used as an API by a web application.

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Car trading app

Car recognition with computer vision. The future of car trading apps. App detects model, engine, power, body type, color

The model identifies a hand in a video stream and recognizes its posture. The model was trained in Keras and converted to TensorflowJS to be applied in a browser directly.

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